Organic Native Shetland Wool

Organic Shetland sheep grazing In a mass produced world, authentic products offer something special to the discerning consumer. Shetland Organic wool is one of those products. Provenance is everything. So organic Shetland wool should only come from Shetland. But there is more; as an authentic product, it should use a breed of sheep native to the Shetland Isles, the Shetland Sheep.

Our wool and yarn does just that: Shetland wool, from native Shetland sheep, from Shetland. Wool from a breed which has evolved over the last five thousand years in Shetland has something special. It is perfectly suited to the climate in which it is grown. It has evolved to protect the sheep through wild winters. It is a product of diet, climate and traditional farming methods. Such a wool would be very difficult, if not impossible to produce anywhere else. For centuries Shetland wool has been prized above all other breeds. The very fine quality of the wool, its handle, bounce and insulation properties being world beating. The first people to climb Mount Everest chose Shetland woolen garments for their light weight / high insulation and breathability.

Certified organic wool

Shetland sheep at Hammarsland Organi wool from Native Shetland sheep, born and bred in Shetland. There is an increasing demand for certified organic wool, and with the range of natural colours from the native Shetland hill sheep  it is hoped that a small-scale processing unit might be developed in Shetland that would provide added value to this exceptional product. Currently, organic sheep flocks in Shetland are few in number, so only a small quantity of wool from these animals will be available each year.

Shetland Wool Week 2017

For the yarns to knit the Bousta Beanie by Gudrun Johnston follow this link to our sister site to buy your jumper-weight Organic Native Shetland Wool in colourway 3 natural colours.

50 gram balls, sufficient for knitting one Bousta Beanie in your choice of colours from the following natural shades: Black, Moorit, Fawn, Mid Grey and White, are now available by contacting ShetlandOrganics CIC.

There is a limited supply of these yarns, so contact us straightaway to ensure that you can purchase them while in stock.