Organic Certification

Soil Association logo In a mass produced world, authentic products offer something special to the discerning consumer. Shetland Organic wool is one of those products. 

The organic certification body of the company is Soil Association Certification Limited. Our licence DK17457 allows ShetlandOrganics CIC to purchase raw fleeces from the organic wool producers in Shetland, grade and pack bales for shipping to an organic spinning mill. Once processed into yarns, we engage Shetland based designers and makers to produce a range of bespoke woolen garments.

You can read more information about organic production at the Soil Association web site.

Beyond organic

Organic certification is about a set of standards controlling production. We like to take this further. As well as thinking about what impact our production has on our local environment, we also consider the culture and society within which we work. We are passionate about supporting and developing traditional industries, skills and crafts within these islands.

Under a pilot project, WoolMatters, Shetland Organic Producers' Group  processed raw fleeces from Organic Native Shetland sheep, encouraging local designers to make distinctive articles and investigating potential markets for the finished goods. No capacity exists in Shetland to spin organically, so Shetland Organic Producers' Group established a working relationship with the North Ronaldsay Spinning Mill in Orkney and also the only organic weaver in Scotland, the Isle of Mull Weavers. Visit our weavers at