Elite War 3 Offline Event: Antiban Beats Ninjayu!

Fans flocked to the Elite War 3 Offline event in droves to see the intense fight between Antiban and Ninjayu. Which turned into a wild party. People came from everywhere, even from outside the island. Imagine kids who just got out of school running straight to the place where the action is happening to see it live!

Elite War 3 Offline Event: Huge Enthusiasm: Fans Fill the Theater

Antiban and Ninjayu fans were more excited than anyone thought they would be. There were a lot of fans at Studio Sepat 72 in South Jakarta. Even though two stages were opened, there wasn’t enough room for everyone. For some fans, the chance to see the fight live was lost.

Elite War 3 Offline Event: Elite War 3: Free Fire Community on the Rise

The excitement around Elite War 3 showed how excited people are about Free Fire. Everyone who was in Elite War, especially the Clash Squad mode matches, had a great time.

Elite War 3 Offline Event: Antiban vs. Ninjayu in Clash of Titans

In the tough Clash Squad mode, Ninjayu went up against Antiban. Ninjayu, which was made up of experienced Free Fire players like Letda Hyper and Frontal Gaming, fought against Antiban, a young but skilled team. Ninjayu even said that Antiban players were cheating because of how well their methods worked.

New Rivalry: From Online to Offline

In both Elite War 1 and 2, Antiban and Ninjayu had fights online in the past. Asep Rocky, CEO of Elite War, noticed how many people watch videos online on sites like YouTube and TikTok. He chose to end the fight outside of the game, which made way for Elite War Volume 3.

It was a 3-1 win for Antiban.

Antiban beat Ninjayu 3-1 in an exciting Best of 5 match. The young stars of Antiban showed off their skills, and Ninjayu, whose representative was Asep Rocky, had to admit how good they were. It was clear that the Antiban kids are really good at their games and don’t cheat.

A Happy Neighborhood: Honoring Fair Play

Antiban’s win not only showed that they had won, but it also showed how fair the Free Fire community is. Fans were thrilled about the exciting match and praised both teams’ real skill.

Survivors Unite: Venue Flooded, Overflowing with Joy

The venue being flooded and the crowd’s joy making it impossible to breathe showed how close the Free Fire community is. A lot of people, whether they’re experienced gamers or just fans, come together for events like Elite War 3 to have a great time.

It is more than just a Clash Squad match in the end. It is a celebration of skill, good manners, and the lively spirit of the Free Fire community. Fans of SLOTBANGJAGO antiban will remember the young guns’ win as a time when they really showed what they could do.

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